Israeli artist TOMER reminisces on the bitter end of a relationship on “Heartbreaker” [Video]

Israeli pop artist TOMER delivers a blend of pop, rock and indie on his punchy offering “Heartbreaker,” which brings layers of electric and acoustic guitar together with a gentle wash of hazy synths founded on a suave vocal delivery. Inspired by the bitter end of his own long-term relationship, the track, produced by Noam Akrabi, is empowering break-up anthem that sees him let go of his feelings in each pulsing sonic beat.

The intricate production is packed equally with power and feelings as the strum of guitars carry over his smooth voice, nuanced with the relatable pain of a tumultuous relationship. Accompanied by a music video directed by Moran Kariv, the singer-songwriter, and model takes the emotive narrative forward as he tugs at our heartstrings even as he gets our feet tapping to the catchy soundscape.

Currently on his world tour, and already having established a fanbase with his previous releases, TOMER moves across genres with a musicality rooted in heartfelt songwriting.

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