Irish duo PRiiCE drop anthemic debut mixtape 44

Irish duo PRiiCE offer a soothing collage of electro-pop, indie and hip-hop on their debut mixtape 44, with their signature blend of glitchy, rhythmic vocals and atmospheric soundscapes. Tapping into their genre-hopping brand of feel-good alternative music, the duo move smoothly though their versatile production underpinned by raw creative expression.

The short and sweet, four-track EP opens with the hazy stylings of their debut single “Sunflower,” a combination of quiet vocals and echoey beats leading straight into an anthemic chorus before moving into the swaggy, hip-hop sensibilities of “Sweet Life.” Flipping the high energy of the first two tracks, the pulsing bass and distorted vocal delivery of laid-back offering “Kingsize,” winds down the tempo with ease.

With a musicality that swings wildly between soothing and suave, PRiiCE are an absolute enigma who shatter the confines of genre as their nuanced soundscapes jump from dreamy sonics to booming beats in an instant. This is particularly the case with the full-throttle basslines of earthy, foreboding final track “The Matrix,” which shapes up as a stand-out and closes their debut project with style.

Having burst onto the scene earlier this year with a bang, PRiiCE have already established themselves as an unforgettable alt-pop act whose melodic riffs is danceable as much as it is calming. Continuing to push the boundaries of genre even as the message of their music remains optimistic at its core, 44 is another intricately carved notch in an artistry which sways between bright pop and heavy hip-hop.

Connect with PRiiCE : Instagram(Sean) // Instagram(Conor) // Spotify

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