Stoic and Reyan are two rising hip-hop artists hailing from Staten Island, New York. Both artists have made a name for themselves through their unique styles and thoughtful sonic choices, and their collaborative album “DUMMY” is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. One of the standout tracks on “DUMMY” is the soulful and introspective single “BE GOOD.” The song features an infectious beat produced by Stoic, complete with dusty vinyl samples and a groovy bassline that captures the classic boom-bap sound that Reyan has always strived for. The song’s lyrics explore themes of growth and change, with Reyan rapping about leaving behind old habits and striving to be a better person, Deante Hitchcock ends the record with an incredibly impactful performance. Grammy-nominated for his work with Dreamville, Deante’ Hitchcock is an artist worth checking out. “BE GOOD” is a song that showcases the unique perspectives of both Stoic and Reyan. Reyan’s introspective lyrics and focus on personal growth are a natural fit with Stoic’s soulful production, and the two artists’ chemistry is palpable on the track. This chemistry is a hallmark of the “DUMMY” album, as the two artists blend their unique sounds and perspectives to create a cohesive, yet varied, project that showcases the talents of both artists.

Stoic, who describes himself as representing artistic freedom, draws inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, and Led Zeppelin. He sees being an artist as creating something that gives you that same feeling as when you first hear your favorite album. Stoic has been making music for several years and is a skilled cook. Reyan, on the other hand, is focused on capturing the nostalgic NYC sound in his music. He is inspired by Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z, and considers Kanye to be the greatest producer ever. Although Reyan has been making music for years, he initially did it for fun until he was convinced to take it more seriously. In addition to his music, Reyan is a talented athlete, having played baseball his whole life and is continuing to play competitively today.

What sets Stoic and Reyan apart as artists is their authenticity. They are unapologetically themselves, and that comes through in their music. As Stoic says, “being yourself at all times” is what inspires him about his favourite artists. Reyan echoes that sentiment, noting that his upbringing and experiences growing up on Staten Island have shaped his music and his approach to life. In a world where so much of music is manufactured and formulaic, Stoic and Reyan are a breath of fresh air. They are artists who are unafraid to be themselves, and their music is all the better for it. With “DUMMY,” they have created a standout project that is sure to put them on the map.

The upcoming album “DUMMY” promises to be an exciting project for fans of underground hip-hop. It’s clear that Stoic and Reyan have put a lot of time and effort into creating a cohesive project that showcases their talents as artists. “BE GOOD” is just a taste of what’s to come, and the single has already garnered significant buzz among fans of the genre. One of the most exciting things about Stoic and Reyan’s collaboration on “DUMMY” is the way they blend their unique sounds and perspectives. The album is heavily influenced by the boom bap and soulful production style that is often associated with classic NYC hip hop, but both artists also bring their own flair to the project. The result is a cohesive, yet varied, album that showcases the talents of both artists.

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