Ingrid Andress Sings About the ‘Joys of Falling in Love’ on Ballad ‘Blue’

Ingrid Andress reflects on the sweetest moments that come with falling in love on her new single “Blue.” On Friday, the signer released the sweet ballad and its nostalgic visualizer.

“The song was inspired by watching videos of people who are colorblind seeing color for the first time. We turned that idea into a love song,” she tells Rolling Stone about the song, on which she sings, ”It’s like I’ve never seen the ocean or a Bud Light neon sign/Like I’ve never seen a California swimming pool, a faded pair of Levi 505s/Thought I’d know just what to call the color of the Colorado sky/But looking in your eyes it’s like seeing blue for the first time.”

Andress says her visualizer, which splices clips of the singer floating in a blue water pool, standing in an empty field of grass, and walking through trees, pays homage to “the simplicity of our natural surrounding.”

“Nature is very healing and I feel the most at home when I am completely immersed in it,” she says. “There’s also something wistful about this song that makes me feel nostalgic for classics like ‘At Last’ and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ so I wanted the visualizer to feel like an old film.”

The single follows the release of her songs “Pain,” “Seeing Someone Else,” and “Good Person” from her upcoming LP.

“Good Person is about a transformational part of my life, and the record progresses like an emotional gradient from dark to light,” Andress says. “‘Blue’ is on the lighter side of the record as it recalls the joy of falling in love which we often take for granted until things go wrong.”

The album is her follow-up to Lady Like, which earned her several Grammy nominations in 2021. Lady Like features her breakthrough single, “More Hearts Than Mine.”