Illenium Shares More Music from Highly Anticipated New Album [VIDEO]

Illenium Shares Another Preview Of Unreleased Music On Instagram

The countdown to Illenium’s third album, Ascend, out August 16, ticks on. It’s been two months since we last got a single from the album, “Good Things Fall Apart” with Jon Bellion, but it seems another is on the horizon soon.

A little over two weeks ago, Illenium shared a clip of an unreleased song on Instagram Stories from a show in Tokyo. Now, he’s shared another clip on Instagram Stories, seemingly of the same song. The stories are presented in parallel fashion, horizontally-oriented, with “unreleased” in the bottom right (if turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise). The first video even has one “shush” emoji, while the new video has two, implying a continuation of sorts, if you were to interpret it that way.

The clip below seems to show the second drop in the track — if the first is slower, more melodic, it makes sense with Illenium’s past music that the second is the more energetic of the two.

Check it out below, hopefully we’ll get this as a single soon!



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