Illenium Just Got An Insane (And Big) Sacred Geometry Tattoo of His Logo

Illenium just got one of the most magnificent tattoos we’ve ever seen, featuring a sick portrayal of his logo, the Phoenix!

In mythology, the Phoenix represents a birdlike figure that rises from the ashes, representing a new life cycle. It usually signifies a person or thing considered to be remarkable in some way, which Illenium and his music certainly qualify under. Just listen to and you’ll be able to hear why this all makes perfect sense.

The producer’s new ink has all the qualities of an incredible tattoo: crispy lines, perfect placement, and deep-rooted meaning. The Phoenix, poised with his wings spread, makes for a really striking piece of work.

Speaking of which, shout out to Aries Rhysing (), the tattoo artist behind this blackwork piece. He works out of All Sacred Tattoo in Edgewater, Colorado, and as you can see he completely crushed this design.

Illenium isn’t the only one getting tatted up… Kygo just got some fresh ink commemorating Avicii and deadmau5 went live with his latest tattoo session.

Illenium Gets Phoenix Tattoo


Photo by The Holy Mountain for Insomniac

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