ILL ZakieL shares his views on “America” [Video]

“America” is a heartfelt and inspiring record by bilingual Mexican American rapper ILL ZakieL

The visual, directed by Mario Nolasco, has a mix of nostalgia with cinematic aesthetic to capture the lives of those who come to the USA to make something better of themselves. The first half focuses on the Ill Zakiel and his family highlighting their achievements despite how the odds were stacked against them. The video progresses into a documentary style and captures images of different immigrants who want the same thing as everyone else, peace of mind.
The self-produced track dives into the rapper’s family who moved him to the states as a kid and unveils the dynamics of being an immigrant pursuing the American dream amidst adversity. Over a somber and melancholic instrumental, the rapper opens up about how his mother who spoke only Spanish raised him and his siblings while working and attending school to better herself and the family. “America” acknowledges the hurdles she had to face and her determination to succeed paid off with him going a similar route in achieving his musical dreams alongside his sister who recently obtained her Master’s degree. 
ILL ZakieL is a self-taught producer and sound engineer who has been making his way as a bilingual rapper. He understands how his roots influenced him and he always ensures to pay homage to the culture that raised him. With 5 projects under his belt and a 6th on the way, ILL Zakiel is ready to take on the world. His new project Against All Odds is set to drop on the 16th of July. You can pre-save it here.

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