Icewear Vezzo Drops “Richer Than My Opps” Video

richer-than-my-opps Icewear Vezzo Drops “Richer Than My Opps” Video

Armed with offhand slick-talk and flex-heavy bars, Icewear Vezzo established himself as a respected fixture in Detroit’s burgeoning rap scene. Never taking his hustle for granted, Vezzo takes every chance he gets to remind the streets that he is your rapper’s favorite rapper. In his newest video single, “Richer Than My Opps,” Vezzo extends a reminder to his enemies that they could never make flexing look as good as he does. Carried by a caption-worthy hook and braggadocious verses, the track sees Vezzo casually flexing his muscle as a street-bonafide rapper and entrepreneur. By the end of the song, you’


Directed by Shot By Suave, Vezzo occupies a ‘50s-style kitchen full of racks, double-cups, and baking soda. Showing off his wrist-skills as he stirs a pot by his lonesome, the visual mirrors Vezzo’s journey as he went from being Rich Off Pints to becoming richer than his opps. Though he celebrates with his team, he makes it clear that his recipe is one-of-one and others who try to replicate won’t get the same sauce.


Watch “Richer Than My Opps”:

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