Ice Cube on Drake and Kendrick Lamar Battle: ‘I Don’t Really Like Seeing Rappers Beef’

Ice Cube has given his thoughts on the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake

In an interview with Etalk CTV earlier this week, the West Coast rap legend spoke on rap beef and how careful rappers must be with it now that it has evolved and crossed over into pop culture. According to Cube, rappers handled beef on wax, but hip-hop has become much more popular, and rappers can’t take receiving a loss on that platform.

He also stated how no matter how beef has evolved, it’s still a part of the game, and one shouldn’t hold back when it comes down to settling a score that’s been brewing for some time.

“Beefs are, you know, they’re volatile. So you, you always have to be careful that a beef doesn’t turn into a murder,” Cube said. “Back in the day, you do a diss record, but it would stay kinda somewhat in the hip-hop community. Now, it’s all over the world, all walks of life know what’s going on and you know, some people can’t really take that kind of humiliation.”

He added, “I don’t really like seeing rappers beef. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a great career, but it happens. Hey, it’s part of the game, and I think when you’re in a beef, you can’t really hold back. It’s like being in a fight; you can’t really half punch, you gotta go all the way.”