i_o Unleashes Riveting 'Rootkit EP' Out Now Via Mau5trap

i_o takes us from the main stage to the underground with his brand new 2-track Rootkit EP out now mau5trap!

“Audio Dust” dances on the lighter, melodic outskirts of the producer’s generally intense techno/electro soundscape. We can easily hear this one being played out at a huge music festival by deadmau5, Kaskade or some other act along those lines. Deliberate plucks, heavenly chants and an overall euphoric feel make this one a special addition to i_o’s already stunning collection.

Meanwhile, at a darkened, underground rave we might hear “Passivex,” a 7-minute journey through sound that rocks a heavy, throbbing beat. The track picks up more and more energy as it powers forward, evolving into a perfectly executed, larger than life production. We can almost feel the sweat dropping off the ceiling.

“Audio Dust” is the yin to the yang of “Passivex.” This new release shows off i_o’s astonishingly diverse style in a 2-track sweep. He may be relatively new to the scene, but i_o’s sound is taking over the game.

Listen to the riveting Rootkit EP below, and be sure to check out “” if you haven’t already. We’re obsessed.

i_o – Rookit EP

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