How You Can Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Space

By: Johanna JD

Larger screens, in wall speakers, the highest quality projector your money can afford and luxury chaise or couches. Not to mention any black out curtains, special carpeting or acoustic equipment that needs adding.

Building a home cinema takes time, money and a whole lot of research effort.

With numerous online forums, youtubes, publications and websites dedicated to the latest and greatest in-home tech and audio visual equipment, upgrading your home into a home theater has never seemed like a better idea.

From starlit ceilings reminiscent of Rolls Royce, wifi controlled light bulbs and coffee tables that double as fridges, tech is slowly and very surely making its way into every aspect of our lives.

One piece, perhaps the most important part of the puzzle, that seems to be unbothered by the tech industry is our physical comfort. Smart home furniture (besides lamps) is still new to the emerging market. However, companies like Valencia Theater Seating are making a name and taking up space in the luxury home furnishings space.

Sitting down for long periods of time is not healthy for anyone. Making sure you have ergonomic seating that supports your body properly is important if spending an afternoon in front of the tube. Seating designs that favor an aesthetic over actual ergonomics are why slouching, hunched shoulders and neck pain is ever present today.

Valencia Theater Seating has focused their efforts on ergonomics and making sure anyone who takes a seat, is sitting in the lap of luxury. The experience begins with visual appeal. Valencias boasts a prideful 22+ styles of seating to choose from. Designs featuring premium details from double-diamond french stitching to parisianvelours and upholstery.

The pinnacle of their products legacy is the top-grain, premium, italiannappa leather. Valencia Theater Seating worked with Gruppo Mastrotto and textile engineers to create a leather soft, supple and breathable. So when you are sitting down for your feature film, your comfort is the feature of your experience.

If you are shopping for the final piece to enhance your home entertainment space then look no further than Valencia Theater Seating for your furnishing needs. With varying styles, designs and details Valencia seats are sure to have what you are searching for.

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