Hipster Conspiracy’s Art Therapy Takes The Form Of A Debut Album – Dysphoria

Rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Hipster Conspiracy is sharing the results of her four-year long art therapy under the form of her debut album, Dysphoria. From Jazz to Hip-Hop, and from electronic music to r&b, she is capable of finding the beauty of sound through any genre, style, or mood. 

Dysphoria is a one-of-a-kind debut collection that introduces her art to the world, but also her deeply moving story as a transgender artist who struggled during many years to finally accept her transgender identity. The album took 4 years of her life to compose, record, and release, which gives it a strength few records have, as each layer of work is audible through this magnetic soundtrack. Hipster Conspiracy herself has recorded most of the instrumentation and controlled the post-production. 

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