Hip-Hop Artist Omar LKC Shares Too Far Away: An Amazing Debut EP 

Hip-Hop artist Omar LKC releases his outstanding debut EP labeled Too Far Away. The fast-rising artist’s album contains five tracks among which are “LKC,” “Holler At You,” “Despair,” and “Too Far Away,” flaunting Omar’s cool rhythmic flow and meaningful lyrics.

Determined to tell the truth, Omar LKC is keen on creating art that inspires. The hip-hop performer blends various urban sub-genres such as drill, dance, and emotional rap to come up with a style that suits him best and that separates him from fellow rappers. 

Revealing both his hyper-ecstatic and vulnerable sides, Omar likes to stay authentic by sharing his deepest thoughts and emotions with the fans. The promising artist has decided to call his album Too Far Away, in order to depict the detachment people feel from their surroundings. 

The 17-year who is highly influenced by Pop Smoke and XXXTENTACION, believes that his debut EP Too Far Away will bring him a new series of achievements.  

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