Hidden Drake Meme Makes Phoenix City Council Take Down Park Design Sketch

If Drake isn't the most meme-friendly rapper of all time, he's definitely up at the top. He has a special talent to make a seemingly innocuous picture hilarious, and he knows how to leverage that for free promo. However, not everyone is a fan of Drake memes, and that includes the Phoenix City Council.

According to the Phoenix New Times, the city officially announced their plans to renovate Margaret T. Hance Park, adding a jogging loop, a mini-water park, a skate park, and an amphitheater. Included with the announcement was a nicely designed designed piece of artwork depicting everyone enjoying the park. However, one person didn't belong.

Right smack in the middle of the picture, is Drake in the infamous picture of him sitting in a wheelchair that went viral years and years ago. Everyone knows by now that Drake played Jimmy on the Canadian high school drama, Degrassi, who ended up in a wheelchair after being shot.

Whoever designed the poster likely didn't realize it was Drake in the picture, or maybe they did and they were trying to get a laugh out of the job. After the secret Drake was discovered, he was quickly removed from the proposal, and replaced with a normal man in khaki shorts.

The meme of Drake in the wheelchair is more poking fun at Drake rather than wheelchair users, but that wasn't enough to keep him in the poster in the end. This isn't the first time wheelchair Drake has made an surprise appearance, as he once showed up in a proposal for a wheelchair ramp in a New York City park.

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