Here's How EDM Artists Celebrated Mother's Day

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and, though it’s not a federal holiday, it still seemed like most of the country stopped for a moment to celebrate the women who gave them life. Like other humans, DJs also have mothers. Unlike a lot of other humans, DJs and producers have access to tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and have a platform to truly show their progenitors some affection.

Take a look below to see some of dance music’s biggest names giving momma (or themselves) a shout out.

Still, this day isn’t one of happiness for many people. For those who have lost their mothers, or who don’t have a relationship with their mothers, or who never even knew them in the first place, we hope that you took yesterday for yourself and still managed to have a good day. Take a look at Wuki’s words of comfort below.

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