Grimes Calls For Regulations At OpenAI Event: ‘I Think We Need To Find Ways To Be Safer About AI’

While she was at the DJ booth, the Canadian artist took a few moments to express her concerns about wider AI implementation into day-to-day life.

“I disagree with the sentiment of this party,” she said, according to the San Francisco Standard. “I think we need to find ways to be safer about AI.”

The publication notes that the party’s theme was a call for looser AI regulations.

Grimes didn’t elaborate on the type of regulations she’d like to explore, but the San Francisco Standard noted that some attendees didn’t take her comments as a slight towards AI.

“I don’t think it’s intentional; she’s gone to these events before,” said a partygoer named Adam. “She basically just said Elon’s perspective, that [AI] needs regulation.”

In early October, Grimes sued Elon Musk in order to establish parental relationship with their three kids.

More recently, Grimes claimed that Taylor Swift would be the only presidential candidate who could “unite” the United States.