Grand Jury Weighing Charges Against Travis Scott Over Astroworld Tragedy

Astroworld Tragedy

Prosecutors are presenting evidence to a grand jury, which will decide whether there’s probable cause to bring criminal charges against the rapper and others

A grand jury in Texas is weighing possible criminal charges against Travis Scott and others over the crowd crush at Astroworld 2021 that left 10 people dead and thousands injured.

Kent Schaffer, a lawyer for Scott, confirmed to Rolling Stone via email that a grand jury had convened. “We are waiting for the results right now,” Schaffer said, adding that he expected a decision would be handed down today, June 29.

Christopher Downey, a lawyer for Brent Silberstein, the festival manager, also confirmed that deliberations were taking place. He said, however, it was unclear when a decision might come in. “I don’t know how long it’s going to take — it could take a day, it could take 10 days,” Downey said. “Who knows? They haven’t discussed with me what the focus of their investigation is.” 

It’s unclear how long the grand jury has been meeting for and what charges are being considered. During grand jury deliberations, prosecutors present evidence to grand juries and ask whether there’s enough probable cause to support criminal charges.


Speaking with Reuters, Schaffer was confident that Scott would emerge unscathed. “Nothing Travis did or failed to do fits within the Texas criminal code,” Schaffer said.

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