GRAACE gets “Sentimental” on delicate new single

Sydney's pop artist GRAACE returns with the delicate "Sentimental". A coaxing single that reflects on her past self, it's a slower offering than we're used it yet once again, it's a slice of perfection.

Running the track through bold acoustic tones and teaming them with introspective and honest lyricism, GRAACE's songwriting talents have reverted back to a delicate rawness. Her previous singles like "You Do You" provide the brooding nature whilst "Sentimental" acts as her artistry's cardigan-wearing cousin.

A tender ballad that draws you in with its reflective nature, the relatable themes and soothing delivery promises to wrap you up in its arms and remind you that the future will be okay. "I've spent the past two years hibernating from most people, moving on from my old life and growing up," GRAACE tells us. "I needed to break out of the mental jail that I put myself in: accept my flaws, not give up on myself, and let myself grow".

Ballad-ness aside, GRAACE's pop prowess is a force that is only growing in strength. Her three-dimensional artistic qualities prove that she's a multi-faceted artist who can provide the pop bangers but also comfort you when you're feeling down. Her music is connecting with fans across the globe, so it's a billboard-sized neon sign that GRAACE is saying something really worth listening to. And this… this is definitely worth listening to.

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