Gorillaz Tease New Album "The Now Now" & Release Date With Mysterious Website

We've been aware of the existence of a new Gorillaz album for some time now as singer, Damon Albarn, has already performed new music with Snoop Dogg, and even almost lost the entire project while drunk in a taxi.

However, today internet sleuths have discovered the biggest hint as to the new album yet. A website, has appeared on the internet, which claims that their next album will the titled The Now Now, and will be released this summer, on June 29th.

While there's no mention of the Gorillaz name anywhere on the site, a silhouette of animated vocalist 2-D can be seen playing the guitar, with some funky synth tunes playing in the background. 

A simple illustration isn't the only thing that points to this being the next Gorillaz album, however. The link to the website was originally discovered on some posters at the All Points East festival in London. The posters are bare except for a few cryptic phrases such as, "G is the magic number," and "No more unicorns anymore," as well as the link to the website.

Gorillaz fans have seen these phrases before, as Jamie Hewlett, the illustrator half of the band, has posted pictures with those phrases included. One Instagram post shows drummer, Russell, wearing a t-shirt with the "no more unicorns" slogan.

Unless this is some kind of extremely elaborate ruse, it's safe to say that we'll be hearing some new music from the Gorillaz, come this summer.

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