Goose Help Revitalize an Office Drone’s Daily Slog in New ‘Hungersite’ Video

Goose, and an old exercise tape, help inject some life into an office worker stuck in the doldrums in the new music video for “Hungersite.” The track will appear on the Connecticut band’s upcoming album, Dripfield, out June 24. 

“Hungersite” is a breezy tune with shuffling drums, rich harmonies, a little country tinge and — of course — some very tasteful guitar soloing towards the end. In a statement, Goose guitarist/singer Rick Mitarotonda said of the song, “Whenever broaching global commentary territory, even if discreet and non-invasive in nature, it seems important to simultaneously challenge awareness of the self, and how we may or may not be living up to the ideals to which we speak.”

The “Hungersite” video was written and produced by Carina Immer, and shot and edited by Scott Sweitzer. It follows a distraught office drone (played by Chris Reid) who earns the ire of his boss (Bruce Robinson) after he’s caught watching videos on company time. After a proper scolding, the worker finds a strange videotape in the back alley, takes it home, and discovers an Eighties-style exercise tape. The clip inspires him to turn his life around and get in shape, leading to some early morning runs and a hilltop dance-athon (featuring all the members of Goose). To cap it all off, he even brings in donuts to work and earns a confused smile from the boss.

“Hungersite” marks the third offering from Dripfield following the title-track and “Borne.” The LP marks Goose’s third studio effort following 2021’s Shenanigans Nite Club, and it was recorded at the Isokon in Woodstock, New York with producer D. James Goodwin. 

Goose have plenty of shows scheduled for this spring and summer in support of Dripfield. After a handful of dates at the end of April and the start of May, the trek will officially launch May 27 and 28 with a pair of shows at the Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut and wrap with a set at the Thing Festival in Port Townsend, Washington, taking place Aug. 26 to 28.