Get Blown Away By Lux Beauregard’s Debut Release “Fireworks”

When one release is enough for an artist to steal your heart, it means you came across someone really special. If you know that feeling of discovering a new artist who does all that magical stuff to your heart that makes you go back to them over and over again, you definitely want to feel it at least one more time. Lux Beauregard, Owensboro, KY-based Indie-pop singer-songwriter, is the artist capable of making you feel a rollercoaster of emotion just by dropping one song on the airwaves. 

Her debut release, "Fireworks," is otherworldly in every possible sense and meaning of the word. With the release, she gifts the world her essence, all the good that she holds in her soul, and does it most sensitively and gently. Her gorgeous mixes of indie, pop, and rock sound elements make it impossible to stay indifferent towards her music. "Fireworks" will make you feel the warmth and intimate nature of Lux Beauregard's art and fall for it forever.

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