Gem Chantelle drops coming of age track “Long Way Down”

New Rochelle based singer-songwriter Gem Chantelle drops ethereal pop offering “Long Way Down,” reflecting on the dichotomy between physical and emotional needs in a relationship. With a soothing soundscape rooted in guitars and Chantelle’s crystal clear, melodic vocals, the thoughtful track is built on youthful energy tinged with maturity.

A young artist known for her honest lyrical style, Chantelle who has built a reputation for coming-of-age narratives in her music allows us a glimpse of wisdom beyond her years on the track which explores her personal experience in a relationship which gave her physical comfort but no emotional support.


With her skill for powerful song writing shining easily through the comforting haze of a lush melody, Chantelle who has always turned to music as a guide through tough times, captures us with “Long Way Down,” as a catchy chorus uplifts us before leading into the vulnerability within her heart.

Inspired by the likes of Ariana Grande, James Blake, Rihanna and Sabrina Claudio, the rising star who found herself facing drastic changes to her creative process due to Covid right out of high school, has always taken inspiration from the challenging times that have passed her by in life. This rich new track is no exception painting a vivid picture of her feelings.  

Armed with a cinematic production and built on a combination of summery sonics and heartfelt stories, “Long Way Down,” is proof that Gem Chantelle’s place in the pop landscape is anything but impermanent. With an impressive amount of streams attached to her discography thus far, this up-and-comer’s journey is only beginning, as she makes quick strides to becoming a household name in pop music.

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