Former Bodyguard Accuses Diddy of Grooming Usher: ‘That’s a Touchy Situation’

While recording his 1994 eponymous debut album, Usher lived with Diddy in New York, where the 8-time Grammy-winner admitted to witnessing some crazy things. Following complaints from his mother, Jonnetta Patton, Usher was brought to producer and So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri, who would later become Usher’s mentor and help craft his 1997 sophomore album, My Way.

But before Usher moved down to Atlanta, Deal claims that the singer had inappropriate interactions with older women under Diddy’s supervision.

“Remember Usher, we was at the Swiss Hotel,” Deal recounted. “Puff had Kim [Porter] in the room, had one of Keith Sweat‘s baby mothers in the big room outside the master bedroom. He came outside in his robe. He came outside in his robe, she gave him fellatio right there. His back was turned to me.”

He continued, “She gave him fellatio. You knocked on the door. I came and opened the door for you. Puff went in the room. You came in the room and kissed that girl dead in the mouth. Now, I’m telling that because you taking up for somebody that you know and a lot of more people know didn’t do you right when you was at Diddy’s camp.”

Deal’s accusations remain unproven, but the former bodyguard-turned-author referenced another interview where Usher spoke about Flavor Camp during a 2016 appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

Usher denied that he witnessed orgies to Stern’s suggestion, but confessed that he experienced “wild” times and “got a chance to see some things.” When asked if he’d let his own child attend the camp, he responded to the question with a simple “hell no.”

Usher has yet to respond to any accusations against Diddy or to his alleged connection to the lawsuit. It’s likely the singer is still enjoying his honeymoon in Thailand.