Flogging Molly Detail ‘Swagger’ 20th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

Celtic punk band Flogging Molly are marking the 20th anniversary of their debut studio album, Swagger, with a limited edition vinyl box set. The 5000-copy run will be released on October 23rd via SideOneDummy, with pre-orders available on Thursday.

The new reissue of the album is remastered and remixed and features a bonus version of “Sentimental Johnny” in Spanish called “Juan El Sentimental.” It also houses a bonus LP with previously unreleased live recordings and a traditional Irish set recorded with Steve Albini, a previously unreleased documentary culled in 2000 that includes a full live performance, an expanded lyric booklet featuring band member’s personally selected photos and additional exclusive merchandise.

“More than 20 years ago we set sail for Chicago, the home of Electrical Audio and the wonderful Steve Albini,” frontman Dave King and the band said in a statement. “With a fistful of songs, from ‘Salty Dog’ to ‘Far Away Boys,’ we plugged in and belted out everything we had and made sure that no song was left behind. Little did we know that Swagger would become the breaking ground, and the sound, of Flogging Molly.”

On Thursday at 5 p.m. ET, the band will livestream “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day,” an all-acoustic performance. It can be viewed for free via the group’s website, YouTube and Facebook.