Flo Rida Son’s Mother Wants $40 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Fifth-Story Fall

The mother of Flo Rida’s son is seeking $40 million to a settle lawsuit she filed after their six-year-old son fell five stories out of a building in New Jersey.

As TMZ reports, Alexis Adams said she will settle the lawsuit for the eight-figure payout. Her six-year-old son Zohar fell approximately 50 feet from a window in a Jersey City building in March. Zohar hit the concrete pavement below the building and was left with serious injuries. She filed a lawsuit against a construction company and a window installation company alongside several other parties for installing “incorrect-sized guards” on the windows in the apartment building.

Zohar was rushed to a hospital following the fall, where he was taken to the intensive care unit. He suffered a lacerated liver, collapsed lungs, feet and pelvis fractures, and internal bleeding. Adams’ lawyer Steven Haddad said it’s a miracle that Zohar survived the fall, which left him in a full-body cast.