Five Festival Attendees Critically Ill After Taking “Skype” Ecstasy Pills

Five music festival attendees of Parklife in Manchester fell “critically ill” and needed “emergency attention” after taking high-strength ecstasy pills, according to a report.

The Skype-branded pills (pictured above) are said to contain 250 to 300mg of MDMA — three times the amount of typical doses. This is believed to be the same batch that sent five people to the hospital after collapsing at the music festival over the weekend.

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Greater Manchester Police said 25 people were arrested on Saturday of the festival and 17 more were detained on Sunday. Most of these were drug-related offenses.

Several people were taken to North Manchester and Fairfield Hospital to be treated for “drug and alcohol poisoning.”

Speaking to festival attendees, Parklife boss Sacha Lord previously issued a drug warning and urged attendees to take care of each other:

You’ve paid for your ticket and waited all this time to party with your friends and see your favorite acts. There’s 80,000 of you in a park all there for one reason, to have the time of your lives and enjoy the music. Don’t overdo it. Party. But party sensibly. Pace yourselves and enjoy the whole weekend. Look after each other.

Additionally, drug awareness organization The Loop posted a photo of the Skype pills, along with the hashtag #StartWithQuarterAndSipWater. They urged anyone who felt unwell to seek help from medical staff on site.


Source: Daily Mail | Photo: The Loop/MEN

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