Fans Upset After Shannon Sharpe Refers to Saweetie As the ‘One That Used to Date Quavo’

Shannon Sharpe is catching some heat from Saweetie‘s fans after he referred to her as Quavo‘s ex during a live broadcast of Nightcap with Chad Ochocinco.

The Icy Girl was a guest on the show this past Thursday, and the NFL legend said she was “the one that used to date Quavo.” Saweetie had an issue with the introduction, and Sharpe asked if she really didn’t want to be called that, which she confirmed.

The Bay Area native wasn’t the only person who had a problem with Sharpe’s actions towards the rapper. Fans of the 30-year-old came to her defense on X, formerly Twitter, to let the Super Bowl champion know he could’ve treated Saweetie with more respect.

“Saweetie should’ve told Shannon Sharpe that she’s the rap queen of brand endorsements as she’s one of the top female rappers who’ve gotten major brand deals in the past 5 years. And that’s all without Quavo,” one person wrote. 

Another tweeted, “saweetie please never go to that unc and ocho live interview again.. they really tried setting you up about 5 times that entire interview which thankfully you ducked every shady question. trust they will be dealt with.”

A third person added, “Saweetie really wanted to have a convo and impress them about sports and Unc wanted to talk about her dating life. C’mon Unc #NightCap.”