Fans Frantically Launch Campaign To Find Nicki Minaj

After what seemed like an eventful 2017, Nicki Minaj has seemingly fallen silent on social media and hasn’t been in attendance to any major industry events this year. Her absence has reportedly started to worry her Barbs so much that they’ve launched a campaign on social media to track her down.   

According to Minaj’s ficial Twitter and Instagram accounts, the rapper has not been active since late Dec. 2017. Her last post on Twitter dates back to Dec. 26, while her final Instagram post was on Dec. 30.   

Fans began questioning the rapper’s whereabouts under her last tweet at the beginning Feb. 2018. While some are concerned, others seem to believe the “MotorSport” artist is up to something big. Minaj obviously hasn’t commented on fans suspicions, but it wouldn’t be too much a surprise if the rapper was cooking up something major.   

Last year, Minaj  revealed that she was hard at work on her next album, and apparently what she had finished was “so f**king good!” In an interview with Dazed in Sept. 2017, Nicki also revealed that her next era music would be even more epic than her 2014 single “Anaconda.”

So if new music is the reason why the Queens native has retreated to her own personal bubble, then so be it. Barbs are definitely ready for the new tunes.

While we patiently wait Nicki Minaj’s return, check out some the fan reactions to her absence below.

Where is @NICKIMINAJ —-

— •ⓑⓔⓝ• (@Bencoro00) February 6, 2018

where tf is nicki minaj i need her to return to social media asap

— cody (@CBraland) February 6, 2018

Guys, where is @NICKIMINAJ ?

— Gabriella (@Elenaa_Luzz) February 6, 2018

Where is @NICKIMINAJ —

— jenea (@vasquezjenea) February 6, 2018

@NICKIMINAJ NICKI!!!!!!!!!!! Shut UP, where is he??? Ohh i forgot you cant talk!!!!!! ROMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— LeBron greenhill (@LebronGreenhill) February 6, 2018

This article was originally published by Vibe. 

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