Explosive duo Snailmate share haunting video for “Trash, Baby”

Phoenix based dynamic duo Snailmate have just shared their wildly creative new visuals for their single “Trash, Baby”. The song follows the release of “It’s Coming Back!” released earlier this year.”Trash, Baby” is a self-deprecating narrative of feeling unworthy and like an imposter. This all too familiar feeling is deeply relatable and Snailmate so brilliantly shows the dangers of trying so hard to be something you are not.

With lyrics including, “I think I’m awesome / until I think I’m awful / there is no greater obstacle / than myself,” Snailmate reflects on self negativity that can hold us back from achieving our purpose in life. “Trash, Baby” is an intense musical hybrid complete with a screamo anthemic chorus over bouncy synths and hard hitting drums. Fuzzy drenched guitars overhang quirky keys for a thrilling track incorporating elements of hard rock and synth pop. The commedic, innovative and haunting music video shows the duo destroying artwork, a garden and even having their heads on sticks, paralleling the themes of the hardships found in overcoming negative actions and thought patterns.

Snailmate is composed of singer, lyricist and keyboardist Kalen Lander and drummer and backup vocalist Bentley Monet. The duo are known for their dynamic live shows and prolific touring schedule, playing over a thousand shows to date. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, Snailmate aims to create a safe place for their fans. The two craft music that addresses important themes including mental health issues and loneliness. Check out Snailmate’s “Trash, Baby” now and remember to not be so hard on yourself.

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