Explore Ren Claire’s Many Talents In New EP Refreshing

Ren Claire recently came out with a brand-new EP called Refreshing. The two tracks of the EP, “Tight Rope” and “Refresh Me”, are tethered to the timeless idea of love. Both are unforgettable songs as the listener can tell - from the very start till the end Ren has put heart and soul into them. Her powerful vocals collide with the introspective musical score in a dangerous yet fascinating dance where there’s only room for authenticity. 

The South Carolina-based artist is a singer, songwriter, and a cellist. Her phenomenal work has been the byproduct of major political movements in the US including the BLM for which she wrote “Persevere”, a moving song that manages to impress and make one ponder. Having tens of thousands of views and streams, Ren Claire is quickly gaining momentum in the world of music, proving to be a great asset.

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