Exclusive Video Premiere: Kevin Ross “Aint Mine”

Musical genius, radio-making history, and chart-topping artist Kevin Ross continues to keep the R&B genre in the forefront relevant, and alive with his single “Aint Mine.”  The multi-talented artist has an accompanying video that’s premiering exclusively on ThisIsRnB.com ahead of its worldwide release on October 27th.

Ross tells ThisIsRnB exclusively about the video saying “‘Ain’t Mine’ is my perspective on a cyclical relationship with addiction. Bad habits are always done in the dark and if you don’t seek the light, then the light will find you… expose you. It’s a toxic yet cautionary piece.”

“Aint Mine” is an easy-to-vibe club banger with hypnotic rhythms that immerse listeners in deep dark notes of piano, thunderclap percussion interwoven with lush resonant beats, and an intoxicating vocal tormented with emotion. The outro, a frantic run through the wilderness, is adorned with an echoic ambiance of bird calls, rustling leaves, swift footsteps, and a rapid heartbeat.

The video evokes the feel of a nightclub with low lights illuminating a beautiful tapestry complimented by Ross’ performance as the ladies poured into him with all eyes and hands on him.

On a high after sealing a deal with a Louis Vuitton suitcase filled with goodies, Ross was driven by his ego. Despite his apparent smooth personality, his date wasn’t pleased with the slight attention he paid to her while working all angles in the room.

Although Ross may have been trying to impress his date with extravagance, his ego got the best of him as he became blinded by his own flirtatious charm. Subsequently, leaving his date feeling abandoned and possibly jealous. A glass of Chardonnay to his face by his love interest, because of his arrogance had him figuratively fall to his knees. So fellows, take heed, the fast life might make you slow down real quick.

Ross’ is known for his beautiful falsetto, delivers a flawless performance accurately portraying a charismatic Cassanova character to a “T.”  His performance is realistic and believable.  Could Ross potentially be pivoting to the big screen? We definitely think and hope so!

“Aint Mine” might just be a prequel to Ross’ album focus on open and honest real situationships, which may have some of ya’ll in your feelings.

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Watch the exclusive premiere of Kevin Ross’ “Aint Mine” below, and let us know what you think.