Enjoy The Last Vibes Of The Forever Gone Summer Through FG Figueroa’s “Odio”

Florida-based artist FG Figueroa is originally from Puerto Rico, so summer and sun are in his DNA. The talented and charming artist recently released a summer-filled music video for his fiery hip-hop masterpiece "Odio," an impressive track from his latest album, The Prelude. The release is atmospheric both sonically and visually. 

Every detail of it spreads the feel-good, laid-back, warm, and intimate vibe that is infectious and draws in immediately. Add to the scene FG Figueroa's natural charm and attractiveness, his eye caressing voice, macho rapping mannerism, and the obsession is right there for you to feel towards this release. The artist's confidence and vibe spread through the release into your soul. The beautiful visuals of Florida's architecture keep your eye on the screen. The sounds of rap, trap, pop, and Latin mixed together will enchant your ears and mind. 

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