Emily Litta Launches The Ever-Soulful Single “Show Up”

Lighting-up the pop music world with an ever-soulful new single titled “Show Up,” singer-songwriter Emily Litta returns in full-force with a brand new project. This raw and unfiltered pop single sees the artist displaying her prime creative shape and vivid vision for the genre while lyrically tackling her inner battles and struggles in a striking display of authenticity. Her fighting spirit is clearly at its highest, and it is delightful to witness the rise of such a determined and talented soul ready to unveil her truest nature to her rapidly growing fan base. 

Her genuine art translates beautifully in “Show Up,” best described by her as: “It’s a confession to all of my fears and shortcomings, but it also acknowledges these struggles as a necessary driving force that moves us forward. Oftentimes, we are so quick to list the negatives and be hard on ourselves when the key really is to pat yourself on the back and say: ‘hey kiddo, look how far you’ve come. You’re doing great.’ It’s also a thank you note to those that lift us up and keep us going.”

The Italian, New Zealand, and British pop singer-songwriter is well on her way to becoming a major figure in tomorrow’s pop scene, so make sure to closely follow the development of her career in the coming months!