Elliot Lee delivers rousing visuals for “Drama Queen”

Elliot Lee is one of the most exciting storytellers of her generation, as part of an emerging underground pop landscape. Blending passion, determination, a rebellious punk soul, Elliot turns a collage of cleverly conceived creative elements into a wildly imaginative and vivid narrative for her audience, which has led to her millions of followers now deeming themselves as Elliot Lee's “Bubblegum Army.”

The artist recently released the gripping and provocative visuals for the single “Drama Queen,” a song where Elliot's signature raw thrash pop blends with elements of alt-rock for the ultimate rollercoaster ride. The song itself is about a tyrannical and unrestrained queen who refuses to share her power or acknowledge her own faults, thus causing a domino effect on her life and the lives of the people that she was entrusted to protect and serve.

The visuals for “Drama Queen” add such a strong and meaningful impact to this shape-shifting piece, which further emphasize the philosophic view of tyranny, unrest, materialism, and ego dominance. The darkness displayed in the video feels like holding up a mirror to the world, forcing us to look deep inside ourselves and as a society, in order to avoid the deadly mistakes of the past. The video shows Elliot Lee starring as the “Queen,” heavily wrapped up in her self-inflicted mistakes as she realizes that everything that she possesses is rapidly slipping through her fingers, and consequently, her kingdom begins to burn to the ground. Engrossed with feelings of endless tension combined with raw vitality, the visuals for "Drama Queen" effortlessly complement the song while delivering a clear message of what this artist is so brilliantly fighting for.

Elliot Lee is an artist from Brooklyn with an experimental sound that melds elements of dark pop, electronic rock, hip hop and punk to convey thought-provoking and brutally honest messages. As a self- proclaimed “voice for the voiceless,” Elliot is inspired to connect with people who feel alone and are labeled as misfits in society.

Check out the video for Elliot Lee’s “Drama Queen” for a wild journey about the effects of tyranny, evil, and destruction.

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