Elin Wolf Pours Epic Vibe Throughout “Nighttrain to Yosemite”

Singer-songwriter Elin Wolf has just released her newest song titled “Nighttrain To Yosemite.” She pours some epic vibes all throughout the single, displaying her raw and vivid talent in a new light while sharing a song that marked a life-changing moment in her life following an important break up she went through. Intense and captivating, “Nighttrain To Yosemite” is a home to a fantastic performance by Wolf, and sprinkled with one of the most powerful instrumentals we have come across this year. The musicianship demonstrated by all artists who took part in this very special project is stunning, and what strikes even more is the flawless production that they have delivered. Bigger than life and yet vulnerable to a scary depth, “Nighttrain To Yosemite” and Elin Wolf are proof that true rock music is still evolving stronger than ever in 2020.  

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