Electrifying Duo Eflorem Hit It Up With A New Remix

JackEl’s “We Belong” gets a new remix by the electrifying EDM duo Eflorem, a couple who has been sweeping up the dance music scene with unique pieces. Eflorem’s signature style is hyper house as they call it, a blend of progressive house and the good-old dubstep with the addition of occasional but necessary vocals here and there. 

“We Belong” exposes certain new facets of the talented couple’s art, taking the song in a positive direction and giving listeners the much-needed reassurance that they, too, “belong”. The song is filled with magnetic synths and razor-sharp beats that come together so harmoniously—it feels like paradise! The Bostonian duet definitely knows how to make a crowd cheer with incredible pieces released back to back.

“The first song we created together was called ‘Grave’,” Eflorem shares in an interview. “At that point in our music careers, we were creating music that would most align with the traditional UK dubstep sound. At that time, we were inspired most by artists like; Skream, Benga, Mala, Coki, etc. We spent around fifty hours writing it, and we basically spent eighty percent of that time in one session with a few naps in between!” The two artists have worked hard, evolving over the years and coming up with a sound that is much their own.  

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