Ekali, Medasin & Elohim Join Forces On Stunning New Track Pre-Coachella

Ekali and Medasin have officially teamed up for their new song “Forever” featuring Elohim, and it’s just as amazing as you could imagine.

The song leans into the brighter and more melodic half of the producers’ skillsets, letting Elohim’s vibrant voice glide over the uplifting instrumental. It’s nice to hear the softer side of what Ekali and Medasin have to offer.

This mega collab is out today, just before both Ekali and Elohim perform this weekend at Coachella. It’s actually kind of crazy how perfectly the track came together — and just in time for the occasion.

Ekali opens up about the collaboration:

I wrote ‘Forever’ with Elohim over a year ago, and the song went through a dozen iterations before I found the right sounds for her voice. Medasin had a demo of what is now the ‘drop’ of the song laying around and it really drove the tune home.

Elohim shares her own thoughts on the track:

I remember sitting in the studio with Ekali freestyling getting butterflies imagining one day singing this song at a festival. Now I get to share “Forever” with you and sing it at] Coachella this weekend. Thank you Medasin for taking it home.

Listen right here!

Ekali & Medasin – Forever (featuring Elohim)

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