Ed Sheeran Gifted Sam Smith a 6-Foot ‘Concrete’ Penis Statue: ‘I’m Not the First’

An “Unholy” gift for sure! Apparently, Ed Sheeran gifted his good friend Sam Smith a six-foot statue of a penis. (Not kidding.) On Tuesday, Smith joined the Kelly Clarkson Show and was asked about the unusual “trophy” that Sheeran gave him.

“It’s actually wild. I thought it was a joke, but it’s a six-foot-two marble penis,” Smith revealed. “It’s two tons, and I’m gonna have to get it craned into my house.”

Smith said they want to turn the statue into a fountain, “which I think will be hard to do.” Clarkson wondered if this was the first time Sheeran had gifted a phallus statue as a gift, and it turns out this is kind of Sheeran’s thing. “He gives people concrete penises,” Smith said. “Elton [John] was first.”

And what does one do when they receive such a gift? Give it a name, of course. Clarkson and Smith considered different monikers: Phillip? Kevin? Nah — “Duke of Hastings,” joked Clarkson. “It sounds grand and six-two.”

Of course, we fact-checked the Rocketman anecdote. It looks like Sheeran gifted John “a giant marble penis” for his 74th birthday. “I suggested to [husband] David [Furnish] that I should put it in the garden. And he said, ‘No, we have children,’ ” John told 109.9’s Carrie and Tommy Show last year, adding that the statue is now “hidden in an area in the house where they wouldn’t see it.”

“But it’s a beautifully-made penis. What can I tell you?” John added. “What do you buy the man who has everything? A huge marble penis!” (Carrie Bickmore from the radio show was also recently gifted a penis statue by Sheeran.)

Also, during the episode, Smith and Clarkson dueted her 2004 song “Breakaway.” Clarkson watched Smith in awe as they performed the classic tune together before hugging onstage.

Smith’s appearance on Clarkson’s show comes as their song “Unholy” with Kim Petras has climbed up the Hot 100. It marks the singer’s big comeback since 2020’s Love Goes. Smith revealed the song’s lyrics were about a real person.

“This song is about being a part of someone’s secret that you don’t want to be a part of,” Smith told Clarkson, later adding, “I hate secrets… This is more of a voyeuristic song. It’s filthy. It’s my villain era.”