Dylan Owen drops powerful short film ‘How To Find Yourself’

Rapper Dylan Owen delivers powerful short film How To Find Yourself, an encouraging and honest project crafted for those people who feel directionless in life. Directed by Brian Petchers, the reaffirming project comes straight from two creatives who know the exact insecurities and anxieties faced by those trying to find a unique space for themselves in their own craft.

With a hope of making us realise that our lives aren’t as messed up or turmoil-ridden as we might believe it to be, the film seeks to minimise the mistakes we often blow out of proportion. Delving not only into their personal experiences, Owen and Petchers have used testimonials from several people in their mid-twenties, offering advice to our young selves, in turn hopefully offering comfort to the version of ourselves yet to come.

Speaking of the film, Owen said, “We didn’t set out to make this. It just happened. The short was captured on 16mm film and a handheld camcorder. We asked the people on camera to be honest and say anything that they want to share with the world about finding themselves, overcoming regrets, beating depression, living with anxiety, or fighting the mental health stigma.”

Rooted in the realistic yet soothing message that sometimes we don’t find ourselves in our life’s journey but we do find a way to get through it all, there’s a unifying quality to the film, which stars Jimmy Levar, Unique Davey, Marko Christie, Alexandra Chelaru, Dylan Owen, Rachel Kent, Ashley Cortes-Ose, Christopher Swinton, Nick Harrison, Kelly Mulvihill, Kane Spear.

The film also features a musical score which is a song by the same name from Owen’s upcoming Take Care Of Yourself EP – meaning there’s much more of his uplifting yet down-to-earth artistry to come in the near future.

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