Drake Trolls Adin Ross During Stream With Sexyy Red: ‘She Was Gonna Rob You’

“You were gonna rob me?” said Ross as he turned to Sexyy Red, who merely responded with, “I’m still gonna rob him … I’m just playing.”

Earlier this month, Ross falsely claimed that he had sexual relations with Sexyy Red in conversation with DJ Akademiks.

“I wanna announce something but I don’t know if I should say it … I did fuck Sexyy Red,” Ross said at the time. “It was good, it was really good.”

The Hood’s Hottest Princess responded to the claim on X (formerly known as Twitter), writing, “You paid me to take yo virginity & I did just that… next.” On a separate tweet, she wrote, “Sike you couldn’t touch me wit ah stick.”

When speaking to Bootleg Kev at Rolling Loud California, the rapper said she never had sexual relations with Ross and that she doesn’t understand where his original claim came from.

“I don’t know why he play like that but he felt the need to come on in there and play with me,” said Sexyy. “I’m just like let me play along with him. He full of shit.”

On Friday’s livestream, Ross cleared the air and said he and the rapper had never met prior to the stream, adding that he was merely trolling for the internet.

“We spoke about it, okay? Me and her never met prior to today, so therefore we have never done anything like that. It was some trolling shit for the internet,” said Ross. “She’s a troll, I’m a troll, you know what I’m saying? So we never did no weak shit like that.”

“But that’s how you know people takes [the] internet too serious. Y’all believe anything a motherfucker put on the internet, that’s y’all problem … You can get them so easy,” added Sexyy.