Drake Tells Rick Ross He ‘Shoulda Just Asked for Another Feature,’ Rozay Demands Apology and BBL Confession

In a series of posts leading up to Drake’s, Ross demanded an apology. “I’m the bigger person, I’m a boss. Drake, I’m gonna give you the opportunity to apologize,” he said on his Stories. “First and foremost you gotta admit, confess you got your nose, your nose reduction. And confess you got a BBL. And I understand, I know what it’s like having those flaps on your stomach and that sweat being under there, you ain’t wanna do that, you wanted to just [say] fuck a gym, n***a. … You could go get it done, and you did it. Just confess.”

Drake clapped back at Kendrick Lamar and half of the entire rap game on Saturday when his “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)” diss leaked. Ross released his response “Champagne Moments” mere hours later, then put it on streaming services on Monday night, and now he’s getting impatient, saying on Instagram, “I know you not gon’ respond, and this pace is boring me, it’s moving too slow. When I came in the game, you had to move fast.”

Birdman stood up for Drake over the weekend, writing alongside a picture of himself and his former YMCMB artist, “I’m ridin with you 4L. I got ur bak.” Ross exploited that too.

“White boy, white boy, BBL Drizzy, I got a question,” he said, clearly taking delight in the monologue. “I saw you posted you got more money than Ricky Rozay, and let’s assume you did. Well your best friend Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle them five years and ain’t get that man a mansion? ‘Cause if you got more money than Rozay, what’s another 50 million, white boy? White boy, it’s [a house] for 40 on Indian Creek, it’s one for 50 on Star Island. You got 48 hours white boy, if you got Ricky Rozay money—ain’t none of my n***as went in foreclosure.”