Drake Spotted Walking The Streets Of Toronto With A Potential New Bae

Drake has always kept things mysterious in his relationships, as rumors of him dating Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, or Serena Williams never really manifested with anything but that. The latest girl in Drake's orbit was English singer, Raye, but it seems that there might be a new girl in town. 

A track suitted-out Drake was spotted yesterday in Toronto, walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman, wearing a red tube top and some black air forces. While the woman's identity isn't 100% confirmed, sources believe her to be model Malaika Terry. Her most recent Instagram photo places her in Toronto at least five days ago, so it's highly likely that it's actually her. 

If they are together, then Drake is really doing well for himself. If they aren't, it's not clear what exactly they're doing together. While they don't seem especially close in the video or the pictures they have together, it's not like he's trying to keep the two of them being together a secret. Drake is media savvy enough to know what kind of reaction pictures like these will generate, so maybe he's playing some kind of long con. 

Or this is all just overthinking it, and Drake found himself a new bae before his next album drops in June. What do you think of Drake and Malaika together? Do you think he could do better? Check out the two of them walking down the street together below. 

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