Drake Reflects on ‘Every Time That Yeezy Called a Truce’ on New Song “Red Button”

Drake‘s Scary Hours edition of For All the Dogs, out now, opens with a track that’s sure to be the subject of intense lyrical dissection in the coming days.

Within seconds of hitting play on “Red Button,” fans are given a Taylor Swift mention (“Taylor Swift the only n***a that I ever rated/Only one could make me drop the album just a little later”) before being guided back to some “premeditated” developments of the Ye variety.

First, the “Summer Games” sequel denier tucks in a Yeezy Boost-nodding play on words. Then, he gets direct before turning the Heaven’s Gate cult into a verb, like so:

“Every time you need me for a boost, I never hesitated
Every time that Yeezy called a truce, he had my head inflated
Thinkin’ we gon’ finally peace it up and get to levitating
Realize that everything premeditated
Everyone was good with me, then everyone expression faded
Tickin’ time bomb and they beggin’ me to detonate it
If I press this red button, dog, everybody Heaven Gated”