Drake Jokingly ‘Green Lights’ Misogynist Andrew Tate for Questioning Canadian Men’s Masculinity

Toronto microblog Keep6ixsolid shared the clip to their now-deactivated Instagram account, catching Drake’s attention. He merely commented with “green light” along with a laughing emoji. In this context, “green light” suggests Drizzy is giving permission for others to take action regarding Tate’s comment. It doesn’t appear to be a serious threat, given the emoji.

Tate, who gained notoriety for a number of controversial and misogynist comments made across his social media platforms, doesn’t seem to be a Drake fan in general. He mocked Drake’s pink nails over the summer, writing, “There’s a reason I deny meeting all the famous people who try to meet me.”

Earlier this week, Drizzy also caught heat from another podcaster, none other than Joe Budden. Following the release of his For All the Dogs album, the “Pump It Up” rapper criticized Drake for supposedly catering to a younger audience and alienating his older fans. The Toronto MC then took shots at Budden, calling him a “failure” and a “quitter.”