Drake Fan Covers Tattoo With Kendrick Lamar Portrait Plus ‘BBL Drizzy’ Tag for Good Measure

The news arrives after Kendrick poured more dirt on Drake’s grave with his Pop Out: Ken & Friends concert, as well as his official video for “Not Like Us,” which dropped July 4 and already has 35.6 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, even one of Drake’s biggest supporters, DJ Akademiks, appears to be considering the possibility that Drizzy’s prime is behind us. The 33-year-old media personality shared the admission during a livestream while reacting to the release of Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” video.

“I think, you know, no pun intended, Drake’s wings slightly feel clipped,” said Akademiks. “The Drake stimulus package right now doesn’t exist. So Drake going on Camila Cabello’s track didn’t do nothing. That’s a fact.”