Drake and Lil Wayne Using Teleprompter at Concert Sparks Debate Among Rap Fans

Granted, Wayne has never shied away from admitting that he has trouble remembering his own lyrics.

Back in 2020, during a conversation with Eminem on Young Money Radio, Wayne revealed he has to Google his own lyrics to “make sure I didn’t say certain stuff before.”

“If you look in my phone history, with Google history, and you press the letter L, it comes up ‘Lil Wayne lyrics.’ I literally have to Google my own lyrics to make sure I didn’t say certain stuff before,” he told Em.

The Detroit rapper added, “Oh my God! I swear to God I do that too. I just did that shit last night. Man, that’s funny as hell. I been doing that for the past five years! You be like, ‘Oh, I knew I flipped this before.’”

It’s also worth pointing out—as many did on X—that teleprompters are common practice for bands and artists of various sizes across genres.