Dorian Launches New Impressive Project Titled Songs In The Key Of Love (Part 1 & 2)

Dorian, a New Jersey-native singer and songwriter launched a two albums project titled Songs In The Key Of Love, an impressive fusion of R&B, pop, and EDM. 

Songs In The Key Of Love is an example of a new wave in music, and Dorian is one of the trendsetters who will establish the direction in sonic’s fashion. Dorian’s new album is a satisfying project, with a dreamy-synth aesthetic that only emphasizes what he sings about. Songs In The Key Of Love showcase love, loneliness, desire, and passion, truly a whole spectrum of emotions experienced by Dorian throughout his life. 

Lyrically, Dorian’s two albums are well-balanced pieces of poetry. With his smooth flow and cozy, warm feeling vibe, he serves punchlines and hides references and tongue-in-cheek one-liners in his lyrics. Songs In The Key Of Love is reminiscent of great electro-pop tunes we miss so much, make sure to give it a listen: 

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