Donald Trump Reportedly Still Listens To Mac Miller's "Donald Trump"

Remember Mac Miller's breakthrough single, "Donald Trump?" It was the song that helped Mac breakthrough into the mainstream and pretty much served as an anthem for summer 2011. Of course, Donald Trump was initially a big fan of the song and even said that Mac Miller was the "next Eminem." Two years later, Trump took to his favorite social media platform, and threatened Mac with legal action for using his name on a song that generated millions of hits. Despite this, a recent report suggests that Donald Trump not only listens, but brags about the fact that his name was used in a popular rap song.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a 2500 pages of testimony about a 2016 meeting with Trump aides and Russians earlier this week. In the document, there's a 375 page interview with music publicist Rob Goldstone. The Outline's Drew Millard revealed an excerpt from the transcript that revealed that Trump bragging about how he inspired and received a platinum plaque for Mac Miller's 2011 hit.

"We went and had about 10 minutes with Mr. Trump. Emin said hello, posed for a photograph. Mr. Trump at the time was listening to very loud rap music when we walked in, because he knew I was in music, said, look, I’ve been presented with a platinum disk for a song called, ‘Donald Trump,’ to which I —that’s how I remember this incident. I cautioned him that he should perhaps look at the words to the song before he enjoyed it so much."

Despite making the song, Mac Miller regrets making the song in light of Trump's presidency. However, Trump still seems to bump it every once in a while. 

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