Don DiestrO just wants “Trust” on sizzling summer track [Video]

A careful craftsman of West Coast-vibes, LA-based R&B singer/producer Don DiestrO graces the airwaves with the crown jewel of any Summer 2021 playlist in his new single "Trust".  

Sultry and evocative, "Trust" is a Summer fling-based track with staying power.  The thoroughly enjoyable cut showcases the carefree excitement of a newfound love juxtaposed against the careful exploration of existing emotional trauma.  Never heavy handed or overbearing, the track is so light and replayable that it serves as a brilliant audio backdrop for cruising down the 405.  With an accompanying visual featuring just that, as well as gorgeous California sunsets and back-and-forths with co-star and influencer Sydney Stanford, the track just overflows with authenticity and heart.  With a chorus consisting of "I know you don't wanna take no risk, but you gotta put trust in this," the pen game of DiestrO is fully on display as the airy and addictive song is backed up by thoughtful lyricism.  

After starting his career as a West Coast trap producer, Don decided to follow his heart and begin making inspired R&B showcases that illustrate complex feelings.  With a forthcoming EP due out in June, "Trust" is the perfect jumping off point for new fans to the West Coast singer, as well as previously released standouts like "Belizean Queen" and "Skin Too Black" that illustrate DiestrO's limitless musical charisma.  

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