Dominique Mccallum (D-Real), a Young and Talented Music Artist

Born into a lineage of talent, it was only a matter of time before Dominique Mccallum (D-Real) found his way into the spotlight. With his father being a native Washingtonian, and his mother of Jamaician descent, finding his vibe within different rhythms was a skill D-Real acquired at a young age. Being the youngest of 4, he was able to spend time with his siblings, all also musically inclined, honing his craft, and finding the mark that makes his sound signature.

Global aspirations Is his true goal, D-Real plans to work diligently to continually grow his legacy in music. Through the changes of HipHop over the decades, the one thing that has remained constant is his commitment and that will never change.

image2-1-427x500 Dominique Mccallum (D-Real), a Young and Talented Music Artist

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